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This comm is probably dead, but...

I was wondering if someone could write a fic about Data and Barclay becoming friends (or more than friends, that's very ok with me), be it through repeated catsitting by Barclay or conversations in the bar or however.

There just are no fics at all about those two makes me sad. :(
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Series of Ficlets - He's In Love With The Boy B/D Slash/Adult


Title: He’s In Love With The Boy
Author: Probodie
Format: A series of ficlets
Circuit Archive: yes
Pros-Lib: yes
Slash/Gen: slash -  Bodie/Doyle - Adult
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: Not mine, sadly. I just take them out and let them play with each other occasionally.
A/N:  Each ficlet is based on its respective screencap posted to the teaandswissroll see caps go here:

He's In Love With The BoyCollapse ) </o:p></span>






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Request - TNG/First Contact

I love the movie First Contact and my favourite character was always Lt Hawk (so you can imagine how unhappy I am with his fate)

I would really like a story where Hawk doesn't die.
It really pissed me off that they were willing to unborgify Picard in the series but they couldn't even make an effort for Hawk *grumble*

Any rating, any genre, any length, anything really, just so long as Hawk survives the end of the movie.

This is one of my wishlist fics, I tend to fall heavily for the red shirt characters in any movie I watch and every now and again I like to make a request for a fix-it :O

If you want to hash out any details you can email me at carson.beckett @
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TNG request

Hi, I was wondering if someone would like to write a fic based on these ideas I had:

Picard and a developing relationship (romantic/sexual) with someone who isn’t another main character. You could make somebody up, if that’s easiest. I would prefer to see someone who ranks below Captain, or a civilian. Someone human is best, or at least someone very human-like in appearance.

They could become close under adverse conditions, such as behind enemy lines or while stranded somewhere. Or maybe they meet during a visit to some strange planet. Or maybe it’s just another one of Picard’s holodeck programs – a fantasy.

Gen, het, slash, whatever. As far as I’m concerned, Picard can do whatever he wants!

Any rating is fine; PG-13 or higher is always nice.

Thanks in advance for any replies!

voy story request

I'd like to see a non-J/C story that involves Janeway interacting with a baby (not her own child). Could be a child of someone on her crew (including Naomi when she's an infant), an humanoid alien child she's somehow come across, etc.

I'd really like it if there was some drama--an adventure off-ship, some danger--and Janeway has to protect and care for the child. How does she lead with this baby on her hip?

I'd prefer it if, in the end, she did a good job. I don't mean she can't have some difficulty, frustration, etc, but I'd prefer if it wasn't written in the vein of 'ambitious and dedicated starfleet captain can't cook or deal with children.' But I'm not adverse to some fish-out-of-water humor!

Please feel free to include any Voyager characters you'd like. :-)

voyager request

I'd like to see something about B'Elanna's life with the Maquis. Set before the series starts. Random mission or something. Throw in any Maquis you like eg. Paris, Tuvok, Seska etc etc. No slash please, just an adventure.